“We now know, today, that man is essentially a being of light.” – Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp

It is perhaps never more clear than it is this part of the year that light is important to us. Both religious and secular traditions celebrate light. As the nights get longer, we yearn for the light. We meditate on its importance, we call for its return and we celebrate its coming as the Solstice turns.

Light is, of course on a scientific level, necessary for our survival. And psychological studies are readily available to show how much we need the light for our mental well-being. Spiritually, our most effective language involves light and darkness. It is the most basic metaphor we can use to communicate what we mean by spiritual vibrancy.

But is it more than just a metaphor? Are we truly beings of light? I was curious to see what others might be discussing along these lines and found a fascinating article. It discusses how we might quite literally, in scientific terms, truly be beings of light.

 “…the existence of internal photons — inner light — is very real and is the basis of virtually all human cellular and systemic function.”


light being

It is an interesting phenomenon these days, that spiritual philosophies which seem simple and clear, will periodically be validated by science as it “catches up” to the old wisdom. It is a blessed time in which we live.

Be Well!