Around the holidays, sometimes you hear whispers about re-gifting: Taking a well-meant gift that you just don’t see yourself embracing and passing it along to someone who might appreciate it more. Though usually well-intentioned, it’s considered a social faux pas, so it isn’t usually discussed as something one would be proud of.

But there is a kind of re-gifting of which one should be very proud: A gift the giver creates by using her own gifts and talents. A craft, a painting, poem, song, sweater, dollhouse, cross-stitch, cake, photobook or homemade toffee. These kinds of personal, homemade gifts are not only special because they are unique to the giver and recipient, but because of what is actually being re-gifted.

We arrive in this life with these gifts. They can be nurtured and our skills and technique can be improved, but the basic gifts: artistic ability, aptitude for shaping and creating, the poetry of creating music and the music of creating poetry, these gifts come from somewhere outside of us. Outside of our control. A mysterious and sacred source. A source we all share. This universal source seems to choose one person to channel this special gift, whatever it may be, setting her apart from her peers.

But when she re-gifts this gift, she shares something sacred with her family and friends. Something that comes from a power that has been called, in several traditions, Love. This type of re-gift is simply passing along, both figuratively and literally, the gift of Love.

Be well.