According to a recent AP article, as soldiers return from duty, PTSD may become more and more common in the workplace.

“Many Employers have not delved deeply into how they might address PTSD, a relatively new issue, but they could face it more frequently as more veterans return to the workforce.” (Click for the whole article)

We must be occasionally reminded that our workplace is also a community – really one of our primary communities. Our co-workers are the people we see every day, the people we go through trials with, the people we depend on.

Over the years, companies, organizations and large businesses have benefitted from addressing the reality that the workplace not simply a platform for fiscal results. It is a community of human beings. The introduction of meditation sessions, yoga, a dedicated fitness center, and a more human approach to management and team-building have proven fruitful even as technology drives production faster and faster. Or perhaps because of this technological escalation, it has become an absolute necessity to engage in a more enlightened community approach to the workplace.

So how do you address the rise of PTSD in the work community? Could something like Somatic Experiencing benefit your business? From the website:

“Somatic Experiencing is a body-awareness approach to trauma being taught throughout the world. It is the result of over forty years of observation, research, and hands-on development by Dr. Levine. Based upon the realization that human beings have an innate ability to overcome the effects of trauma, Somatic Experiencing has touched the lives of many thousands. SE restores self-regulation, and returns a sense of aliveness, relaxation and wholeness to traumatized individuals who have had these precious gifts taken away. Peter has applied his work to combat veterans, rape survivors, Holocaust survivors, auto accident and post surgical trauma, chronic pain sufferers, and even to infants after suffering traumatic births.” (Visit the site)

Somatic Experiencing is one of the paths to Positive Well-being offered at my Charlotte Practice. Check out my website to learn more.

Be well.