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We do not experience trauma with the mind only. The entire body and its systems are disrupted. Somatic experiencing can be one of the most effective tools we have in dealing with trauma, because it engages the body as well as the mind.

This is well-illustrated in this video, which shows practitioner Ale Duarte visiting Japan after the tsunami. He uses somatic experiencing to help the disaster victims onto the path of healing from their trauma.

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Be well.

One of the most moving things about this video is the underlying story of empowerment. A boy with leukemia, and the complications and pain associated with the treatment, is told time and again, “here this outside source will help” to no avail.

He is then, through Reiki treatment  given the insight that it is his body and his energy that have the power to heal him and to ease his pain. There is a healing force in that knowledge alone.

 “I have the power to heal myself. The power is within me.”

There is never one singular way to healing, to wholeness. Learn more about the many paths to Positive Well-Being at my website. Be well.

Rehab Facilities in Arizona & Other Areas | Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Arizona | The Meadows

It is not by convenience of design that The Meadows, a world-class treatment center, treats both trauma and addiction. The connections between trauma and addiction are deeper and more complex than one might first imagine. Learn more at their website.

Clinical consultant for The Meadows, Peter A. Levine is the developer of Somatic Experiencing, a short-term naturalistic approach to the resolution and healing of trauma.

Somatic Experiencing is one of the mutiple pathways to Positive Well-Being on which I focus in my Charlotte practice.

Be well!

One of the pathways to Positive Well-Being we explore through my practice is the gentle, non-intrusive process of Trager®: an approach that helps release deep-seated physical and mental patterns and facilitates deep relaxation, increased physical mobility, and mental clarity.

The system was developed by Dr. Milton Trager, a fascinating man who doesn’t exactly blow his own horn. According to his biography on the US Trager Association website, he say of his gift, ” I have this thing and it works…”

Below is an excerpt from that biography, a wonderful story that evokes the picture of this gentle healer as a young boxer! You can read the whole article at the TragerUS website.

Milton Trager

“Born in Chicago, in 1908, with a congenital spinal deformity, Milton Trager overcame a weak and rather sickly childhood through practice and patience, until he achieved the athletic, graceful body of a dancer and gymnast. In his late teens his family had moved to Miami Beach and he was training to be a boxer. His trainer, Mickey Martin, used to give him a rub down after each boxing session. One day, when Mickey was looking particularly tired, young Milton offered to do it on him. The trainer was astonished at what he felt from the young man’s hands. Milton, surprised and encouraged at the result achieved, went home and applied it to his father who had been suffering from sciatica, a chronic complaint that cleared up after two sessions from Milton.”


“When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws the image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.”
– Meister Eckhart

Soul Collage

SoulCollage® is a fun and engaging creative process that taps into your imagination and intuition. You may wonder how to better understand yourself, your relationships with others, or your spiritual journey. SoulCollage® helps uncover your personal muses and invites them to speak up! Part of the SoulCollage® process is about creating your own cards. I can provide you with all the materials you need to create just the right card. Soul cards evoke for you something that is powerful and timely in your own journey.

The other part of the SoulCollage® process is about having the card “speak” to you. This powerful process can be done individually or as part of a group. Cards can be created and “read” to create rituals, process passages, celebrate events, or honor transitions. This coming together of spirituality, psychology, and creativity tap into internal messages that shed light and provide clarity on your journey to well being.

Often, people who are resistant to the idea of arts therapy or drawing therapy are the very same people who will most benefit from allowing themselves to open up and play. Breakthroughs in the creative consciousness will inevitably free other stumbling blocks in the spiritual and relationship areas, clarify career focus and perhaps most importantly, reduce stress and increase the flow of healthy chemicals and energies in the body.  SoulCollage® can indeed be a crucial piece of a holistic and multifaceted approach to the Positive Well-Being of the body, mind and spirit.

Have you had experience with SoulCollage® or anything like it? What did it do for you?

“Body Sensation rather than intense emotion is the key to healing trauma… Trauma need not be a life sentence… In the healing of trauma, a transformation takes place – one that can improve the quality of life.” – Peter levine

Hard to manage emotions? Feeling numb, disconnected or depressed? Trouble focusing? Chronic sense of shame or isolation? Sleep or appetite disrupted? Racing heart or tight stomach? A sensation that something bad is going to happen?

These can be responses to traumatic experiences, and they can occur not because you are weak or flawed, but because of the way your autonomic nervous system is wired to respond to intense experiences.

Our nervous system is in the normal range when things feel calm in body, mind, and spirit, and we can handle daily stress appropriately.

If we feel a disturbance, our nervous system moves into a sympathetic reaction and we want to fight or flee. Thinking gets cloudier, emotions are stronger, it’s like the “accelerator” is on. If we become stuck on “on”, we can be hypervigilant, hyperactive, manic, panicky, and irritable and experience insomnia and other stress responses.

The “brake” on the accelerator is the parasympathetic nervous system. For example, if our breathing gets fast and shallow when the accelerator is on, we might consciously try to deepen and slow each breath. Strengthening our Parasympathetic functioning lets us balance ourselves and restore our nervous system to the normal range.

Freeze can happen when the accelerator and the brake are on at the same time. Too much of that, and we can get depressed, disconnected, exhausted, and numb.

In Somatic Experiencing work, healthy self-regulation is restored to the nervous system through a variety of tools, including: tracking, grounding, resourcing, and learning to shift and stay. Our bodies are hard-wired to survive, and we now know that our bodies are also hard-wired to recover and heal. Trauma can ultimately hold the seeds of transformation. A balanced nervous system is fluid, available for connection, relaxed, present, and stable.

Somatic Experience

Somatic Experienceing is one of the multiple paths to well-being outlined on my website. My system includes a holsitic and all-encompassing approach to healing and improvement through the body, mind and spirit, through personal, career and relationship pathways. To learn more, visit my website.  Be well.